Who we are

We are Amaca, a Barcelona based studio founded by architect Maria Alarcón and interior designer Daisy Carrott. Established in 2020, a great year for opportunities, we specialize in Concept and Visuals for Architecture.

In Amaca, as designers and visualizers, we believe that through design and imagery we can create functional, quality and inspiring spaces.

Maria Alarcón

Born in Barcelona in the early 80s, growing up in Madrid, Maria’s childhood was filled with camping trips to remote areas of the country.  Maria studied Architecture at Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura La Salle, Barcelona. After 8 years of working at architectural and design firms, she decided to found her own studio in 2015, specializing in 3D visualization, collaborating with architectural and design practices. Maria also teaches Sketchup and VRay and currently has an online course on Domestika.

She adores many things including; playing the guitar whilst singing along her favorite tunes, traveling to the tropics, making paella, dancing and especially swinging on the amaca.

Daisy Carrott

Born in London at the end of the 70s, Daisy managed to survive the 80s haircuts and school lunches. Thanks to her lovely family, she has always visited the Mediterranean, until they moved to the south of Spain in 1992. From Art College in Malaga, Daisy returned to the UK, studying BA(Hons) Interior Design at Bournemouth University. Her professional career started in Madrid, where she worked alongside interior and lighting designers on some very exciting projects. From 2018 Daisy has worked closely with Maria Alarcón, specializing in 3D visualization.
She also loves many other things including; travel, sailing, screen printing and above all relaxing in an amaca.

What we do

By developing concepts, we portray the identity of our clients through smart design choices. By creating visuals we can experience spatial ideas.
From initial sketches through to realistic visualizations we can work alongside you to create concepts for residential, retail, commercial, hospitality, lighting, exhibitions and hardscape projects.
Through 3D development, using our beloved SketchUp tool, for architecture and interiors, together we can transform spatial ideas & projects into visual content, including diagrams, sketches, drawings and visualizations

Who we do it for 

We are currently collaborating with several architectural and design practices.

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